Dear parents/carers,

 During the course of this year, students In Years 9 and 10 will be asked to take part in a short survey, developed by Headstart (funded by the National Lottery) and the University of Manchester.  They may have completed the same survey last year.  The survey is investigating the wellbeing of young people in six local authorities across the country.  Students will asked how they feel about their school, their friends and themselves. 

 Please read the relevant letter and privacy notices here for further information.

 Please disregard the opt-out deadline in the letter.  You or your child can withdraw at any time.  Once you have read the information, if you wish your child not to take part, please copy the below text and email it to

Re. Headstart Survey

I do not wish my child INSERT FULL NAME in Year INSERT YEAR to take part in the Headstart survey.
Kind regards,

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