Torrential Downpours Fail to Dampen Spirits for Bronze DofE Expedition

This June, fifty seven students from Year 9 packed their expedition rucksacks for the first time as DofE participants and set off on their Bronze Practice Expedition.

With heavy downpours forecast over the course of the weekend the students were prepared for the elements and intent on making the most of their experience.

ìDespite the rain I was incredibly impressed with how well all of the students performed. Dressed head to toe in waterproofs the students got outside to talk, cook and play games ñ all without their mobile phones in hand! Even during some torrential downpours on Sunday morning I was pleased to see lots of smiling faces and no complaints whatsoever ñ this shows real strength of characterî ñ Mr Douglas

On the few occasions the sun did come out the students were quick to make the most of their camping experience which included a Hula-Hoop masterclass from Miss Teixeira.

ìI really enjoyed the Bronze practice expedition ñ especially camping and cooking with my teammates. The walk included some really stunning scenery and it felt great walking back into school knowing we had all completed itî ñ Millie R

The students can now relax over the summer before heading out on their final expedition in September when they will walk for two days unaccompanied to complete their Bronze award.

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