It is not too late to apply for September!

If you are thinking about attending our vibrant and successful Sixth Form in September 2019 it is not too late to apply. We will be available throughout the summer holidays and after results day to talk to anyone who is thinking about joining us!

Just fill out your details using the contact form at the bottom of the page and we will get in touch!


Here are just 5 things we think make The VI Form Academy different:

1. We have an amazing academic record, but what we’re most proud of is helping students achieve their goals – in 2017 every single VI Former who applied to attend University got their place.

2. We have a fantastic scholarship programme that enables students to broaden their horizons. Every year we offer financial support to a number of students to allow an exceptional challenge to take place. Scholarships are awarded to help enable students to add to CVs and personal statements that they planned, delivered and reported a significant event that was inspirational to them.

3. We offer a wide range of enrichment opportunities to suit different students – whether you’re sports mad, an outdoorsy type or arty. We believe that VI Form is about more than just studying – it’s about developing knowledge and skills to last you a lifetime. We offer a range of sessions to help you develop ‘life skills’ – these vary from year to year, but can include Driving Theory, First Aid and Ready Steady Cook!

4. Our international opportunities are second to none! We have amazing global connections with groups and institutions across the world. Opportunities in previous years have included the Japanese Humanities Conference; China Science Fair;  exchange trips to Thailand, Korea, Singapore; Camborne Science and International Academy hosted the International Student Science Fair in July 2013; and over the summer students from the VI Form participated in the Moscow International Science Fair. The question for students attending the VI Form is ‘How far do you want your time at VI Form to take you?’

5. The community at The VI Form Academy is second to none. It is a warm and friendly atmosphere, and our size means that class sizes are small – your teachers have a chance to get to know you and support your studies. We also have a Student Leadership Committee structure to promote innovation through the student body. These committees have real responsibilities including organising socials events, charity events, and reviewing facilities. SLCs have proposed, planned, and delivered a spectacular Pasty and Quiz night for 120 VI Formers, families, friends, and teachers which raised £200 for charity. A fantastic time was had over the Christmas period as a result of the excellent work by the events committee in organising a Christmas Ball and the performance committee putting on a variety show.


Every year a number of students from other local secondary schools join The VI Form Academy. Whether you’re interested because of our academic reputation; or because the bus ride to college is too long; or because you know someone else at our VI Form, we’d be delighted to hear from you!

The VI Form is a warm and welcoming place and we start the year with an induction day at Stithians Lake, which is a great opportunity to get to know other students.

Attending VI Form will feel very different to school. You will not be required to wear uniform, and you will probably have periods every week where you don’t have lessons timetabled. You will be treated as a young adult in an environment where the main focus is on learning and achievement.

Relationships with staff are more informal as the VI Form seeks to move you towards an adult learning environment. Here, you will have much more personal freedom and you will have to learn to handle this opportunity in a responsible fashion. Adapting to different working styles and taking more responsibility for your own learning will be part of your personal development in our VI Form.

We offer Level 3 qualifications (A Levels and OCR Nationals/BTECs) in a wide range of subjects. You can see the full list here.

All students are expected to study a minimum of 3 A Levels or a combination of A Levels and OCR Nationals/BTEC qualifications to equate to 3 A Levels.

We also offer sports academies, Duke of Edinburgh and Ten Tors as well as the opportunity to get involved in International Visits to places like Singapore or Thailand.

In order to access A Level courses, you must have English and Maths at grade 4 or above and a further 3 GCSE grades or equivalent at grade 4 or above. For some subjects, a grade 6 or higher at GCSE is required to study the subject at A Level.

Most of our students travel to the VI Form via bus or car.

We are conveniently located just off the A30 and also near to Camborne Train Station.

If you are travelling via bus you may be able to apply for a free bus pass or a transport bursary. Please ask one of our staff for more details.

There is a cafe for exclusive use of VI Form students and staff.

It serves coffee and snacks throughout the day, as well as food for breakfast and lunch.

VI Form students have private study periods and you will be expected to take responsibility for yourself and your work to a much greater extent than ever before. Being able to work independently is crucial for academic success – in the VI Form and beyond.

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