At CSIA we have created a Harm Prevention Team which consists of:

The Anti – Bullying Ambassadors

  The Peer Mentors

Healthy Relationships Group

Online Harm Group

The students in the Harm Prevention Team completed an application form as well as an initial meeting before being selected to represent their groups. The students in each of the Groups will be meeting once a fortnight which their lead member of staff. Within these meetings the students will be looking at

  • Current concerns
  • Listening to the voice of other students
  • Devising solutions
  • Looking at how we can change the culture in school
  • Preparing and delivery assemblies and tutor group activities

Plan for the Harm Prevention Team

The students in each of these teams will be meeting with their lead member of staff on the following dates and times

Student Profiles

Please visit our individual webpages to access information on what we are doing in each of the teams

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