The Canadian Bioinnovation Programme

Three students from CSIA have had the opportunity to attend a Bioinnovation Programme in Winnipeg, Canada.

Our trip was shared with the Australian School of Maths and Science alongside schools within the Pembina Trails School Division in Winnipeg, Canada. The programme was hosted at Kelburn Farm, with guest speakers from: Nutrients for Life, The University of Manitoba and world-renowned agricultural experts. Students attended workshops exploring: healthy ponds, biodiversity, soil and water testing for nutrient load, climate change monitoring and sustainable farming. ìWorking in groups, students collaborated to develop a critical awareness of how innovation in land use practices impact sustainable food and water issuesî explained Miss Quinn, English and Media Teacher at CSIA.

Miss Quinn added: ìOnce students had attended all workshops, they had the collaborative task of developing an environmental farmland use plan based on evidence that they had learned over the course of the programme; keeping in mind our social responsibility to provide for food/water securities for all communities. Students then presented their farmland plans to an impressively high standard, which demonstrated their understanding and commitment to the taskî.

Student, Amber, explained: ìOur bioinnovation programme taught us about the importance of sustainable farming and how the growth of crops can both benefit and hinder our environment. Our eyes were also opened to how the production of cattle and the release of methane gas can affect the climate that we live in today. It was refreshing to see how many companies are using sustainable beef, but there is still considerable room for improvement. This trip hasmade usrecognise how essential it is for us to unite as one and take full responsibility for Climate Change and ensuring a sustainable future for our planetî.

Will, added: “Additionally, our eyes have been opened to the importance of equality; it was really interesting to see how the consequences of battling against each other have affected history, instead of uniting as one”.

In addition to the workshops at Kelburn Farm, students were also taken to the Canadian Museum of Human Rights: ìThe Human Rights Museum gave us an insight into how society and human rights have developed throughout history and their importance in this day and ageî, explained Esme.

As well as the bioinnovation programme, students were housed with Canadian host families who offered superb and memorable Cultural experiences: “Living with a homestay family was a great insight into seeing how families and high school students in Canada spend their days. Most interestingly, we enjoyed shadowing our host buddies and immersing ourselves within a Canadian High school curriculum. As well as experiencing this, it was enjoyable to taste new foods, such as Poutine and Holopchi!” explained Esme.

Will added: “A Canadian highlight was the snow! We experienced a foot of snowfall over 24 hours, which we had all never seen before, as it is such a rarity in Cornwall. I also hosted my buddy when he came to England, so I enjoyed experiencing his home in return”.

“While in Canada, we had the opportunity to experience Canadian culture, as well as the local delicacies and classic cuisines. We also loved involving ourselves in Canadian sports; in particular, the Winnipeg Jets who are at the forefront of all Winnipeggers lives,” explained Amber.

Miss Quinn stated: “It was so noticeable how much the students had flourished in confidence and maturity over the course of the trip; it was both educationally and socially beneficial and they all represented CSIA admirably. EsmÈ explained: ìThis was my first international trip and I would encourage other students to get involved with the international programme because not only has our knowledge of science and agriculture been enhanced, it also has allowed each one of us individually to develop our confidence, independence and social awareness”.

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