We are delighted to invite Year 5 students to attend our inspirational programme of Super Saturday Workshops; to help students remain inquisitive, creative and to challenge them in their learning.

Our sessions are open to all students in Year 5, no matter how far afield that might be.

To sign up to any or all of these sessions complete the booking form below.

* Look out for sessions for other year groups throughout the year.

Saturday 14th May – Computing Skills – 9.30am to 12noon
Have you ever wondered how to programme and code?  This is your opportunity to get knowledgeable about computing language and creative at programming.  What will you develop with your new found computing skills?

21st May – Geography World of Awe and Wonder – 9.30am to 12noon
The world is a wonderful place and using I-pads and QR codes you will discover even more of its geographical secrets. Can you unlock the codes to reveal more about our planet?

18th June – Getting your Bearings – 9.30am to 12noon
Learn how to use a compass and orienteering skills to explore the school.  Develop your map skills and discover how to use direction and bearings.  Can you then put your expertise to good effect and design an adventurous route on an Ordnance Survey map?

2ND July – Camborne Sporting Super Stars – 9.30am to 12noon
After the success of the last Sporting Super Stars, the PE team are ready again to help you discover more sports.  Are you ready for some new sporting challenges?

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