Students Visit Magnificent Thailand

In November, six of our students and two staff travelled nearly 7,500 miles around the world to Mahidol Wittayanusorn School in Thailand, as part of our international school exchange programme.

Students arrived to the school on Halloween. Despite it not being widely celebrated in Thailand, the host school put on an excellent Halloween themed welcome assembly. Our students and staff dressed up and took part in an outfit competition, followed by Halloween games led by the Thai students. They had clearly put outstanding efforts into their costumes for us.

Over the course of the ten days, students took part in lessons around the school, such as Chemistry, Thai Boxing, traditional Art and an introduction to the Thai language, of course! The students even helped out in an English language class.

As well as learning many new things in school, the students went on a wide variety of day trips to see and learn about Thailand and the rich history and culture. One of the first visits was to the most famous attraction in Bangkok, The Grand Palace. This was the studentsí first insight into just how magnificent the palaces and temples around Thailand are. They learnt all about the uses of the palace and enjoyed the 35-degree heat.

The students went to other famous places, like Wat Pho, the temple of the reclining Buddah, where they were given a tour by an Ex Monk who could tell them all about the history of the site. The students also visited three museums taking them through key parts of Thai history and culture which has shaped the country it is today. On the weekend the host families led a weekend full of action, including a trip to a huge theme park with a ëwinter wonderlandí section where the students could go sledging.

One of the best new experiences had by all had to be the traditional Thai massage! Students got to go to the University of Traditional Thai Medicine and try it out first hand. They soon realised it was not for the ticklish!

After an action-packed visit there were some tearful goodbyes.

The students were all extremely sad to leave their new friends, but all agreed they have had the best time and have made memories they will remember forever.

“I’ve made a friend for life, even though she lives on the other side of the world we will stay in touch,” said Amber.

“It was the most incredible trip; we did so much. The students got a real flavour for Thai life and culture. One of the best bits was definitely the cooking class; the students made a delicious Pad Thai!,” said Miss Ormerod.

“I think itís one of the best things I’ve done in my life so far,” said Lily.

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