Students complete Diana Award Anti-Bullying Ambassador training day

On the 29 November, Fiona Rowles-Jane had the pleasure of taking 7 students from Year 8 and 9 to Helston Community College to complete The Diana Award Anti-Bullying Ambassador training day.

The day consisted of three sessions. During session one, the students learnt about what it means to be an Anti-Bullying Ambassador. In session two, the students explored what bullying behaviour is and how to support their peers. In session three, the students began to develop their own Anti-Bullying campaign to be introduced at CSIA.

The students were excellent and great role models for our school. Over the next term, we will be looking to review our Anti-Bullying work and our policy at school. I will be meeting with the Anti-Bullying Ambassadors at school on a Wednesday during tutorial from January.

All of the students received an Anti-Bullying Ambassador badge and certificate for attending the session.

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