The Student Voice team are our student council.  Each tutor group democratically elects two students to represent it on its year council. The whole year group elects two form representatives to sit on the full council. The whole school then elects students from the full council to the senior positions of Chairperson Vice Chairperson, Secretary and Treasurer.

Student Voice and how it operates closely reflects parliament and how large corporations run their business, being involved in this way brings a very important set of life skills that students cannot experience in the classroom. The staff at Camborne Science and International Academy are very interested and concerned about students’ views. They regularly involve the whole student body through the vehicle of Student Voice. Members are regularly invited to be involved in the interview process for example. Suggestions that come from forms through their reps to year meetings and full meetings are acted upon; the change of uniform to blazer style would be a classic example.

Teaching and learning at CSIA is heavily influenced through Student Voice.  Students regularly watch lessons; judging the learning that takes place.  They write reports for departments and faculties which are acted upon and taken up in development plans.  Elements of the reports are incorporated into the whole Academy development planning on teaching and learning.  The highly trained body of students have developed a unique programme of monitoring of lessons and feel that their observations are carefully taken into account.

Student Voice is based upon the foundations of the ‘United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child’, reflecting its concerns about the Health, Safety, Education, Financial Success and Community Involvement. Its sub-committees focus on these five main areas; for example, they regularly promote and run fundraising events for a wide variety of different charities, have trained Anti-Bullying mentors that provide a lunchtime service, liaise with the elected Sports Captains and members of the Science Departments Environmental club, etc.

Student Voice at CSCC is well established, supported and appreciated by staff and students. Its future and direction is dictated by the students working within it, the students all value each other’s opinions and support each other in developing initiatives that lead to continuous improvement of its own and the school’s services. Please see all of Student Voices news and achievements on its Moodle pages, via the school’s intranet.

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