Spring Term Super Saturday Dates

We are delighted to invite Year 5 students to attend our inspirational programme of Super Saturday Workshops; to help students remain inquisitive, creative and to challenge them in their learning.

Delve into the minds of famous artists through the eyes of their paintings, set up a science lab in your very own front room and even learn how to build your very own camera! There is something for everyone to help you remain inquisitive and creative throughout these difficult times.

Our sessions are open to all students in Year 5, no matter how far afield that might be. Once registered, you will receive a confirmation email, followed by a link to access the session material on the Friday evening before the session is due to go live.

To sign up to any or all of these sessions complete the booking form below.

16 January English: The Other Side of the Frame.
Explore the great pieces of artists throughout the ages through the eyes of the artworks themselves.

30 January Maths: Shape the Planet.
Combine shape, proportion and your imagination to recreate our planet.

6 March Science: Non-Newtonian Nonsense.
Set up a science lab in the comfort of your own home to explore different states of matter.

20 March Photography: Unobscured Obscura.
Discover how to capture the world through the lens of your very own hand built camera.

Sessions will go live at 9am on the dates stated.


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