Camborne Science & International Academy has been designated as a Specialist science College since September 2003. As part of that designation it is our aim to provide a rich and authentic learning experience in many subjects across the school through an international focus in education. This is achieved through spreading best practice and links formed through specialist status to other curriculum areas.

The International Programme for Camborne Science & International Academy is almost certainly the most extensive programme in the UK and most of our international links have been forged through attendance at International science and Maths fairs. All students involved take part in extra curricular research projects that are then presented to an International audience, or spend time working with partners in industry on projects that are worthy of discussion on an international stage. Not only does this lead to students increased analytical and independent research skills but also has a big impact on their self confidence and communication skills. The school has been successful in gaining the British Council’s International School Award 2007-2010, 2010-2013.

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