Faculty of Sociology

Learning to be Extraordinary


The department offers excellent provision from specialist Sociology teachers.  We endeavour to support our students in achieving their full potential. In 2019 the A level pass rate was 100%, with all students achieving a Grade B or above.


WHY TAKE Sociology?

Sociology is the study of society – how society affects people, and how people affect society. Some sociologists see the behaviour of individuals as determined by a variety of influences, including class, gender, ethnicity and the media. Others see individuals as very influential and powerful, with the ability to construct and change society.

Humans are social animals, and spend much of their time in social groupings.  To understand human behaviour, we, therefore, need to examine these social groups, using a variety of theoretical perspectives and developing skills of sociological research, as well as focus on key contemporary issues.

If you have an interest in understanding how society works, and you enjoy critical thinking and exploring ideas from different viewpoints, then Sociology is a fascinating and rewarding A Level subject.


Our VI Form meets the needs of all students and provides qualifications that are demanded by both industry and higher education. CSIA VI Form offers a transition from all Key Stage 4 Subjects.

A Level Sociology follows the OCR syllabus, and includes the following components:

Component 1:  Culture, Socialisation and Identity; Youth Subcultures
Component 2:  Research Methods; Social Inequality
Component 3:  Globalisation and the Digital World; Education



Students who study Sociology at A level have a wide range of university and career paths open to them.  At university, some of our students have recently progressed to study Sociology, Psychology, Law and Religious Studies.  Career path opportunities are varied, and can include teaching, social work, journalism, anthropology and law.

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