As the autumn term begins it is highly likely that COVID-19 will be in circulation at the same time as flu therefore it is even more important than ever that we do all we can to protect against flu. We are delivering the flu immunisation programme in Cornwall’s schools on behalf of NHS England. Flu can be a very unpleasant illness and sometimes causes serious complications. Vaccinating your child will also help protect more vulnerable friends and family by preventing the spread of flu.

In 2020/2021, as well as all children in Primary Schools being offered the vaccine, all children in year 7 will be eligible. The vaccination is free and recommended for young children; it is administered by a quick and simple spray up the nose. Please click on the following link to access information explaining the vaccination programme which also includes details about the small number of children for whom the nasal vaccine is not appropriate.

We are due to visit your child’s school on Friday 25th September. In order to access the online consent form, please enter or click on the following PLEASE ENSURE YOU QUOTE THE FULL CODE. The code for your school is: EE136524

Please submit your consent by Wednesday 23rd September to ensure your child receives their vaccination. If you experience any problems accessing the form please telephone 01872 221105 and the team will be happy to help. Please note that as in previous years you must opt in to the programme. If a consent form is not submitted your child will not be vaccinated.

If your child becomes wheezy or has their asthma medication increased after you submit this form, please contact Kernow Health on 01872 221105.

If you decide you do not want to vaccinate your child against flu, it would help us if you still complete and submit the consent form giving the reason. This will help us to plan and develop the service. Please tell us if you need this information in a different format.

How to apply for school access to the e-consent system

Human Papilloma Virus (HPV) Vaccine

Do you have a son or daughter in year 9?
Did they receive their HPV vaccination in year 8?

 If you have already submitted a form giving consent for the HPV vaccination you do not need to re-submit. This is because you have consented to the full treatment, i.e. 2 doses of the vaccine. If you are unsure, please call the team on 01872 221105 and we will be able to advise.

 If you have not submitted a consent form, please click on this link and enter the unique school code EE136524 where asked to do so. If you are typing the code, please ensure you type it in full in order to access the form.

 We will be visiting the school on Friday 25th September and again later in the year as well as running some community catch-up clinics at various venues around the county. We will give every opportunity for you to have your child immunised. Please submit your consent form by Wednesday 23rd September in order to ensure your child receives their vaccination.

Your child can self-consent to treatment if they are considered competent to do so by one of our nurses; this is known as Gillick competency. If you require any further information in this regard, please contact us.

For more information about the HPV programme please click here please also note that as in previous years you must opt-in to the programme. If a consent form is not submitted your child will not be vaccinated. If you decide not to have your child vaccinated it would help us if you complete a form and tick ‘no’ consent stating your reasons.

We are trying to improve how we communicate with patients. Please tell us if you need information in a different format or communication support.

Letter of assurance

HPV Vaccine at CSIA

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