School doesn’t finish at 14:45 for these students!

What a term it has been! Over 60% of our students in Years 7 – 11 are participating in after-school clubs and exam preparation sessions. The joy and the buzz around the school is just wonderful.

We have students in CSI Camborne examining bone density and blood spatter. Cooking Club creating divine treats, that are often gobbled up before students even make it to the gate to share at home! Camborne Theatre Company have rehearsals well underway for our upcoming production – in fact you could say they are going “swimmingly!” 

Our huge variety of sports clubs continue to go from strength to strength with students competing in county wide competitions.  Our sports clubs are not just about competing with other schools, they are mainly about our students having fun and doing the sports that they enjoy.  It is lovely to see engaging in such a wide variety of opportunities.  This includes our Darts Club, where not only are students building up their dexterity in throwing a dart, but also with their maths skills in the variety of challenges that are set.

CSIA Volunteering Award students represented the student body at the recent Camborne Youth Conference to reflect on the Camborne Town Deal.  They also designed and coordinated the creation of our Queen Elizabeth II memorial collage.

Our weekly skate club has seen our students build up their skills to phenomenal levels, from Seth E who backflips from the ramps, to Anna S who has grown in resilience and confidence and has used her skills to help coach Year 7s with their skating.  They are a merry crew who hit Mount Hawke Skate Park every Wednesday and it is wonderful to see the camaraderie between students from Year 7 all the way through to Year 11.

Debating club has just started and Ms Saunders would love to see as many students as possible participating.  This will be on for the rest of this term and will continue after Christmas.  Clubs will start Monday 9th January after Christmas, there will be some new clubs as well as some of our regular ones!  An announcement will be made via ClassCharts.



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