All adults who work with children and young people should work as a team that effectively support and protect you.

You may be interested in this document produced for young people, created by the Children’s Rights Director.

If you have any questions please see:

Mr Fenlon

Mrs Peel

Miss Jefferson

Mrs Carter

Miss Jeffery

Mrs Rowles-Jane

Mrs Ross

Mrs Godolphin (Nexus)

Mrs Richards (Nexus)


If you have been a victim of bullying, or have witnessed bullying and would like to report it, then please talk to your pastoral worker as soon as possible.  Alternatively, you can contact the school using our contact form.  Be sure to give your name and as many details as possible for us to follow up.

Child Protection

If you are concerned about your safety or the safety of another child, about any Racial or Equality issues then please contact Mr Fenlon as soon as possible. Alternatively, you can fill in our contact form, giving as many details as possible, and this information will be passed to them.

Child Exploitation Online Protection

If you feel that you have suffered abuse through technological resources (like internet chat rooms or mobile phones) outside of school, then you can report abuse to CEOP by clicking here. The Child Exploitation Online Protection Centre deal with very serious incidents of abuse, your report is likely to be passed on to the police.

External Agency Support

Please access the directory below for details of external agency support that you can access both during term time and school holidays.

External Agencies Directory

Click the image below to access the Young person’s guide to working together to safeguard children

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