Preparing for life beyond school

Preparation for Life is exactly what it says on the tin.  We take great pride in the provision our students receive in ensuring that they are prepared for what life has in store for them now and in the future. 

Year 7 had their minds opened to the impacts smoking and vaping have on the lungs through working with Team Science on inflating lungs.  They also looked at friendships, online safety and cyberbullying.  Students also spent time on their Extraordinary Me profiles on our website to begin to share evidence of what they have achieved so far this year.

Year 8 looked at sexting and types of bullying with Devon and Cornwall Police, apprenticeships and who our role models are.  The apprenticeships session was run by Cornwall College, who shared the types of apprenticeships that are available.

Year 9 reflected on their upcoming KS4 options, who our role models are and had their first two workshops from Barnados for their healthy relationships curriculum.  The sessions from Barnados were well received and from a 6 part series.

Year 10 took further strides in securing their work experience placements for July, had a session on drugs and the law with Devon and Cornwall Police.  As part of their Relationships Sex Education (RSE), they met with Brook, the relationships and sexual health advisory group, to consider the implications that pornography has on healthy relationships and the perception between reality and fantasy.  Please refer to our RSE policy should you have any questions about our RSE curriculum.  Year 10 were also able to make a start on their pathway to their post 16 choices, by having their first post 16 taster session with the VIth Form team.  A great atmosphere, with students experiencing the team building activities that our VIth Formers enjoy in tutorial!

Year 11 had a session on anti-social behaviour and offensive weapons with Devon and Cornwall Police.  They demonstrated great maturity participating in a very insightful and helpful session on their physical health and checks that can be done to support in understanding breast, ovarian, cervical, prostate and testicular cancers.  Year 11 also reflected on the validation that they receive from social media and the positive and negative impacts that can have on attitudes and personal wellbeing.  Great discussions were had on the influence of social media algorithms and echo chambers – more details on this can be found on the online safety section of our website.

VIth Form were based over at Nexus.  They enjoyed sessions with the University of Exeter on student finance and experiences.  It was lovely to debunk myths about the “debt” that students incur post university, and it certainly eased financial concerns that students had.  Students worked on their UCAS applications, they also spent time with Positively You focusing on study skills that master resilience and bridge the gap between Year 11 and Year 12.  They also spent time reflecting on challenging conversations and where they make seek advice and support, including an opportunity to reflect on the services that our school nurse provides.

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