Preparation for Life

Learning to be Extraordinary

Preparation for Life

(PSHE, Citizenship and Careers)
Preparation for Life is a statutory non-examined subject at Camborne Science and International Academy.  We track students’ levels of progression through ipsative assessments.  These look at progression in a growth of confidence in understanding the topics.

WHY ‘Preparation for Life’?
Preparation for Life is exactly that.  PSHE, Citizenship and Careers are all subjects geared towards developing students’ personal, social and moral responsibility along with an understanding of careers and financial planning.   We are preparing students for life within school and beyond as part of their personal development.  The Preparation for Life programme is a spiral curriculum that is designed around the age, needs, race, culture and sexuality of our students.  Student wellbeing is of utmost importance to us, and so the curriculum focuses on how they may link their preparation for life to their personal wellbeing.  It is all underpinned by the character values of the school, and how students may use the strength found in those values to approach life with gusto, managing risk, seeking support when needed and remaining a contributing member of society.


Years 7 – 9 have one timetabled lesson every fortnight.

Years 10 – 11 have one drop-down lesson every three weeks.

Years 12 – 13 have topics covered through their tutorial and assembly programme.

All year groups participate in PSHE Days.  All year groups have topics covered through tutorials and assemblies.  There are areas of the Preparation for Life curriculum that are covered in other subject areas as the subject complement one another, such as healthy living in Food Technology, Child Development, Health and Social Care and Physical Education.  Students have additional opportunities to investigate subjects in greater depth through co-curricular activities, such as the Camborne Chronicle, Eco-Committee, and History Club.  We also have our tutor focussed activities through our kindness projects, which encourage students to engage in acts of altruism such as our annual collection for Camborne Pool and Redruth Food Bank.

What are PSHE DAYS?

PSHE days are 3 scheduled days throughout the year that follow a collapsed timetable.  These days give students the opportunity to engage with a variety of external providers and extended workshops.  They are an essential part of the Relationships Sex Education and Health Education delivery for our students.

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