Mexican ambassador visits “bright young students” at CSIA

The prestigious visit sparks start of new international link between CSIA and Latin America

Students at Camborne Science and International Academy (CSIA) played host to a very special guest from Mexico last month, who visited the school to establish cultural and academic links between Cornwall and Latin America.

Josefa González-Blanco, who currently serves as the Mexican ambassador to the United Kingdom, visited the school last month to share Mexico’s culture, arts and history with CSIA students.

During her visit, she toured the Nexus campus and took part in lesson observations. The Mexican ambassador also hosted a Q&A session with several students from the VI Form Academy and GCSE Spanish courses – so much of the conversation was conducted in Spanish!

Principal Ian Kenworthy said, “It was a pleasure to meet and host the Mexican ambassador. The students really enjoyed hearing about Mexico and its culture – and it was particularly impressive to hear them talking so confidently to Ms González-Blanco in her native language!”

“It’s been a hugely inspiring visit, and we’re even planning on incorporating some traditional Mexican events into our school calendar, like the Day of the Dead festivities!”

Whilst in Cornwall, the Mexican ambassador planned future links with CSIA for educational exchanges, and set up a group of student ambassadors to communicate with her on future international projects.

Ms González-Blanco commented, “I was delighted to meet with bright young students of Camborne Science and International Academy and share with them some of Mexico’s culture, arts, and history. We will continue exploring educational exchanges. Thanks for hosting us.”

Through CSIA’s International Programme, students have the opportunity to engage and collaborate with other top schools from all over the world. These include the Australian Science and Mathematics School, Ritsumeikan School in Japan, National Junior College Singapore, John Monash Science School in Australia, Korean Science Academy of KAIST, National University of Singapore Maths and Science School, the High School affiliated to Beihang University in Beijing and many others.

CSIA anticipates that the Mexican ambassador’s visit will pave the way for a new, engaging relationship with a Latin American school, which will be a first for the school from that region of the world.

Mr Kenworthy added, “We’ve cultivated an outstanding International Programme that offers a combination of exchanges, collaborations and competitions, for both students and staff. It provides our students with invaluable international experience, and we look forward to strengthening and making new relationships with prestigious educational institutions across the globe.”

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