Incredible trip for Camborne Academy Students

A recent school trip saw Camborne Academy’s VI form students travel nearly 7000 miles to take part in the first part of the National Junior College and Cornwall School of Maths and Science collaborative research programme.

“The students from CSIA VI form and CSMS have been working on high level academic research with students from the National Junior College in Singapore. The work began on degree level research into the fields of mathematical modelling, advanced particle physics and biomimicry!” said Mr Gareth Rees, Lead Practitioner for Maths at Nexus. “In a country renowned for their advancements in these subjects, visiting a school of this calibre is incredibly inspiring and an invaluable experience for our students.”

The Biology research group

The students worked in teams of three or four, with up to two CSIA students and two NJC students, to carry out a literature review into current research and to use their findings to decide on their own research question to investigate. “During the week, each group planned a methodology to collect data, carried out their plans and then used their findings to draw conclusions. On the final afternoon, the students presented their progress this week to each other and NJC’s principal Mr Ang Pow Chew and out-lined where their research will take them in November when the NJC students will come to Camborne for a further week of international collaboration!”

Students from both schools gather on the parade square at NJC

Alongside the demanding scientific and mathematical research, the students were engaged in an exciting cultural exchange.

“Throughout the week, we were living with our NJC colleagues and had the opportunity to explore what life is like in Singapore, visiting scientific and cultural attractions and sampling some of the most amazing food Singapore has to offer!” commented Chloe Ingham in Year 12. “We made such close friendships throughout our trip and we’ll definitely stay in touch!”

“We at CSMS and CSIA would like to extend our thanks to the National Junior College for their assistance with the research projects, particularly Mr. Ke Ming Tjhin and Ms. Yee Lee Ng” commented Mr Rees.

The Physics research group

Principal at CSIA, Ian Kenworthy, added “Our students have made so many new friends and have thoroughly enjoyed their time in Singapore. International interaction and collaboration inspires our future generations, encourages our students to see things from different a perspective and supports an array of valuable life skills. Well done to everyone involved!”

Other international trips planned by CSIA this year include visits to Thailand, China, South Korea and Japan.

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