Inaugural Sports and Dance Awards a stunning success

Our inaugural Sports and Dance Awards took place on Friday 11th November. It was a fantastic event that celebrated the efforts of our students in the previous academic year as well as our new Rising Stars in Year 7. We were overwhelmed with the support and attendance from the friends, family and carers of our pupils and thank everyone who came and helped make the night one to remember.

We recognised the many sporting and dance talents that we are fortunate enough to have here in the school.

We also had a special guest on the evening: Mr Lewis Goldsworthy who attended CSIA as a student and has now gone onto become a professional cricketer. We have already received a letter from a student who has been inspired to get into cricket from what she heard from Lewis on the evening. Hearing his story was remarkable and certainly left a lasting impression.

We hope everyone who attended the evening had an enjoyable and memorable time and we now hope that the celebration will help to encourage students to continue to work hard in PE.

Mr Standen would like to give his thanks to all that helped out to make the evening a special one.

We are looking forward to hosting the event again next year – so students, the hard work begins again now!

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