How can we make CSIA more environmentally sustainable?

Year 7 and 8 students in Geography have started to answer a very important geographical question; ‘How can we make CSIA more environmentally sustainable?’

In lessons, we have been discussing what sustainability means and how we can make our local and built environments more carbon neutral as concerns about climate change get ever stronger.  Students had great fun conducting environmental surveys around the school grounds to determine whether CSIA has a sustainable environment.  They looked for evidence of criteria such as biodiversity, renewable energy and bins for litter and recycling.

We are now in the process of presenting the results as bi-polar graphs and in the next few lessons, we will be investigating and researching exciting ways of making urban environments more sustainable, which we will be presenting in class.  The students have already shared some excellent ideas and we can see a number of budding engineers, architects and environmentalists emerging.  Watch this space for more suggestions on how to make CSIA more environmentally sustainable!

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