House competition heats up!

By November 2022, students had received over 19,000 positive praise points.  There is currently 235 points between Maori in 1st place and Aztec in 4th.  This is an ever-changing picture as the week before, there was only 49 points between 1st and 4th!  Student participation is core, and we have seen this in abundance over this past terms competitions and events.

Weekly tutorial competitions including Taskmaster (skilfully led by our Year 11 House Captains and House Leadership Team) and Sporcle continue to gain points for the Houses.  Students have also participated in the Art competition, Pumpkin carving, Poetry Competition, Colours of Autumn Photography Competition, and our absolutely fantastic Inter-House Sports Challenges. 

The Inter-House Sports Challenges are rapidly becoming a highlight of the term.  It is fantastic to see so many students engaging in the matches, either as a player or as support.

This term, we have our annual Christmas Card Competition, World Cup doors, the Foodbank collection, The Great CSIA Christmas Bake-Off, Cornwall Christmas Box Collection and our House Auctions. 

Thank you to Parents, Carers and local businesses who have donated prizes for our students, they are very excited already! 

In addition, we would like to take this opportunity to thank Ms Chenoweth for all her hard work as Masai Leader.  Whilst on her maternity leave, Mr Whitehead will be Masai House Leader.


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