Global Maths expert inspires Camborne

A world-famous Mathematician from the University of Cambridge delivered a lecture to students at Camborne Science and International Academy’s Nexus recently, describing the Centre of Excellence for STEM as “incredible.”

“Professor Imre Leader is an expert in Ramsey Theory and is a well known academic on the world stage” commented Dr Jo Foster. “We feel very privileged to host Professor Leader who is an internationally respected pure mathematician and Othello player, which draws upon aspects of game theory. His lecture was fun, informative and above all, very inspiring.”

10 VI Form students were involved, as well as 8 students in Year 11. “It was fantastic to have experience of real academics that we might actually be working with in the future” said Betty C, in Nexus VI.  “It’s really good to encourage us to get our A levels and that there’s something very real behind what we’re actually learning about.”

Another VI Form student, Kathryn W, commented “It’s also a great opportunity to connect with potential employers and also for your university application – it shows you have taken the time to learn about something which you don’t have to learn about. It shows you’re furthering your knowledge.”

The lecture lasted for an hour and “gave students an in-depth insight into pure Mathematics from an incredible talent.” Professor Leader enjoyed a tour of the building, the programme and its facilities, commenting how impressed he was with Nexus. “To hear someone of his calibre give such positive feedback was very rewarding and exciting – and this is only the beginning!” said Dr Foster.

After Professor Leader’s lecture, he delivered a tutorial to Mia F who is hoping to study Further Mathematics at Cambridge University. “To have a one-to-one academic tutorial with a globally recognised mathematician who teaches at the University you wish to attend, is an amazing opportunity” commented Dr Foster. “Mia was totally inspired, is now even more determined to achieve a place at Cambridge and has an invaluable insight into maximising her success.”

Following the lecture and tutorial, Professor Leader, Dr Foster, Mr Chapman and the VI Form students went for dinner. “Not only were we celebrating a fantastic day, we discussed the University interview process and students were given fantastic knowledge about what lies ahead” commented Dr Foster. “Without question, this was one of the most extraordinary events we have facilitated at Nexus; every student involved was in awe of Professor Leader’s achievements and experience, and we are already planning another visit!”

“Nexus is where we support and develop our learners and leaders of the future” commented Ian Kenworthy, Principal at CSIA. “We’re so proud to be able to offer a world-class education right here in Camborne, connecting with revered academics like Professor Leader and demonstrating what incredible opportunities lie within STEM.”

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