First Aid Information

Camborne Science and International Academy has a manned First Aid room, where students should attend if they are feeling unwell.  We are here to support the students with ongoing health needs and deal with medical issues as they arise during the school day. Ria Bancroft, our School First Aider, used to work in the A & E department at Treliske Hospital. Fi Rowles – Jane is the SLT link and oversees all medical students, processes and procedures at CSIA. We work in partnership with parents to develop Health Care Plans to support students’ medical needs whilst in school and ensure their safety.  If you would like to discuss the medical needs of your child then please contact Fi or Ria on 01209 712280 or


If your child is required to take medication during the school day, we can facilitate this.  All medications* are stored securely in First Aid and will be administered at the agreed time.  Please complete the consent form, completing it in full and returning it to school with the medication in its original dispensed packaging.  * students are permitted to carry their own inhaler, insulin, adrenaline autoinjectors, and antihistamines as per School policy.

Changes to Personal Details

If at any point during the academic year there are changes to any information you have submitted about your contact details or your child’s medical needs, it is the parents/carers responsibility to inform the school as a matter of priority.  Please contact your child’s Pastoral Worker to arrange for a replacement form to be sent out to you.


Camborne Science and International Academy, as per government guidance, holds salbutamol inhalers for use in emergencies.

These inhalers may only be administered to children on the school’s asthma register; for whom written parental consent has been given and who have a diagnosis of asthma with a prescribed inhaler, or those prescribed an inhaler as reliever medication.  On our consent forms there is a box to tick to state that you agree that your child can have this life-saving medication. If we do not have consent but feel it is essential that they have it we will make contact with you or in the event of an emergency contact 111 or 999 for their advice.  Students should continue to carry their own inhaler at all times.

Infectious Diseases

 A small number of our students have weakened immune systems, as a result of medical treatment they are receiving.  This means that normal childhood diseases could be very dangerous for them.  Therefore, we ask that you inform us if you believe that your child may have had an infectious disease (for example, chicken pox, measles or shingles), while in school.  There is no cause for alarm, but having this information allows us to ensure that any risk to those more vulnerable students is minimised.

Nut Awareness

Some of our students have severe, life-threatening nut allergies.  As such, we need to be a Nut Aware School.  You may be familiar with similar approaches from your child’s primary school, or travel with some airlines.  As such, we ask all students and staff not to bring nuts, or products containing nuts (such as cereal bars) to school.  This is to avoid any risk of these products accidentally coming into contact with someone who has a life-threatening allergy – such accidental secondary contact could easily occur through shared use of a computer keyboard, for example.  We have made the decision to become a Nut Aware School following advice from the NHS’s School Nursing Team.  Products which do not contain nuts, but the packaging states that it may contain traces of nuts are acceptable, for students’ personal consumption during the school day.  This is because students with such allergies will not consume other students’ food and the risk of secondary contact is extremely low.


Kernow Health, School-age Immunisation team, are responsible for the planning and the delivery of immunisation at School.

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The current immunisation programme is:

·         Reception through to year 9- Flu immunisation

·         Year 8 girls and boys HPV

·         Year 9 girls and boys HPV

·         Year 10 girls and boys HPV

·         Year 11 girls  and boys HPV

·         Years 9, 10 and 11 girls and boys – Tetanus/Diphtheria/Polio and Meningitis ACWY

Nasal Flu Vaccinations Friday 1st December at CSIA and Nexus

Y10-11 Tetanus/Diphtheria/Polio and Meningitis ACWY
Y9 Tetanus/Diphtheria/Polio and Meningitis ACWY

CSIA HPV Year 8 Cornwall and Devon 2023-24 mop up
Camborne SIA Year 9 DTP MenACWY letter 2023-24 mop up
CSIA Year 9, 10, 11 Reminder letter 2023 2024 mop up
Camborne SIA DTP MenACWY Years 10 11 mop up

Useful information / Links

Please ensure you child brings a water bottle to school with them to maintain their levels of hydration, to prevent headaches and promote concentration.

Health Visitor and School Nurse Advice Line on 01872 322779 or email

Measles, Mumps and Rubella information leaflet

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