Epic Icelandic Adventure

Frozen waterfalls, geothermal pools, erupting geysers and active volcanoes – just some of the highlights of a “once-in-a-lifetime, extraordinary experience” remarked Caitlin Masters in Year 10, of her recent trip to Iceland. Forty-two GCSE and A Level Geography students from Camborne Science and International Academy enjoyed the four-day adventure, experiencing the best of what the country has to offer.

“We wanted the students to experience first-hand the excitement of an active tectonic landscape, ravaged by the wind, sea, rain and ice.” commented Rob Keddie, trip organiser and Geography Teacher at CSIA. “Iceland not only provides, a diverse and dramatic geographical landscape, providing a living classroom for our students to explore and enjoy, but allows the students to experience another culture and way of life in person.” Harry  said “It was an incredible experience and really brought geography to life”

Held between 22nd and 27th of February, the group enjoyed an action-packed trip from start to finish. “From visiting Pingvellir National Park – where students could walk between the separating American and Eurasian tectonic plates – to visiting a frozen waterfall used in the filming of Game of Thrones, we made memories to last a lifetime” commented Mr Keddie. “A particular favourite with students was Gulfoss, a double tier, glaciated river with a massive waterfall and gorge at the bottom. It was bitterly cold but truly stunning.”

“One of my favourite experiences was walking behind the spectacular Seljalandsfoss waterfall, it was really interesting how the geographical features formed over time” commented student Alex.

“My favourite part was walking on the glacier” said Caja, while Lewis also said, “The Solheimajokull Glacier was incredible, we split into groups and our guides kitted us out with crampons, helmets and ice picks before we climbed up onto the amazingly beautiful glacier! It is upsetting that it is melting at a rate of 20 metres a year due to global warming and it might not be there by 2050.”

Another popular experience enjoyed by students was swimming under the stars in the outdoor, geothermal pools. “Iceland is an amazing place and I loved every single minute there, especially swimming in the geothermal pool at night under the stars! It was so helpful to have real context to everything we have been learning about at school” commented Lauren.

The group also took a trip to Vik to see the black basalt columns and beach of Reynisfjara, to Hellishieoi Geothermal Power Plant, to the infamous Eyjafjallajökull volcano and around Reykjavik to explore Iceland’s capital city.

“Our students were impeccably behaved and a real credit to CSIA. It was definitely the best trip to Iceland we have run so far” added Mr Keddie. Stanley Tullet, a student in Year 10 echoed this, when asked what he thought he stated, “the community In Iceland was very respectful of our language barrier.”

“Iceland is truly unmatched in its natural splendor, a haven of unspoiled landscapes and some of the world’s most spectacular wonders” commented Principal at CSIA, Ian Kenworthy.”

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