CSIA has a well-deserved reputation for its outstanding International Programme.

This programme is in its 11th year and is proving to be increasingly successful year upon year. We have a combination of exchanges, collaborations and competitions that are attended by students and staff from CSIA.

Through the International Programme, students have the opportunity to engage and collaborate with other top schools on the International stage, such as the Australian Science and Mathematics School, Ritsumeikan School in Japan, National Junior College Singapore, John Monash Science School in Australia, Korean Science Academy of KAIST, National University of Singapore Maths and Science School, the High School affiliated to Beihang University in Beijing and many others.

Our relationships with these leading international schools is well established. Students can embark on joint research, exchange visits and other collaboration with students from these schools.

If you would like to find out more information on the International Programme please contact Paula Tippett, who is CSIA’s International Coordinator.

01209 712280 Ext 208

The International Programme for the Year 2019/20 (Outgoing)

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