CSIA Attends the global conference in Canada.

Five students from Camborne Science and International Academy have taken part in a global conference in Canada.

The group attended Bio-Innovation Week with Fort Richmond Collegiate in Winnipeg, with other young people from around the world.

“The week consisted of guest speakers from Nutrients for Life, Manitoba Agriculture and University of Manitoba who delivered workshops and presentations on varying aspects of food and water security, including soil properties, testing and weather effects for farming and water quality through biodiversity in rivers and lakes,” said Tamsin Hosking, teacher of PE at CSIA.

“As part of the programme, students explored the ethical implications of food and water security across the globe.”

Accompanied by their teachers, the visit was organised by CSIA as part of their ongoing and revered international programme.

“Throughout the week, students worked collaboratively in mixed international groups to research and produce an environmental farm plan” commented Mrs Hosking. “They were asked to consider long term sustainability, environmental implications and financial benefits before presenting their work. This was not an easy task but our students were fantastic and a real asset to the school.”

Students were housed with host families who gave them a local’s view of the area as well as taking them to their host schools to experience a Canadian Middle school environment.

“We’re very proud to offer life-changing opportunities for our students – they have made lasting friendships and connections with peers from across the world through our science programme” added Mrs Hosking.

Charlotte in year 12, said: “What an amazing experience! Canada was honestly one of the best international trips I have been on so far. I found the Bio-innovation week very interesting and I enjoyed working on the global food and water security project with people from all over the world, who I have now made friends for life with. The best part by far would have had to of been the homestay, as the family were incredible and I will never forget the memories that were made with them!”

Another student, Katie said: “Going to Canada was actually one of the best choices I’ve ever made! I had an amazing time and made loads of new friends. The Manitoba Bio-Innovations week was more enjoyable than I thought it was going to be, we all got put into groups with people from several different schools from across the globe and overall had to create this farm plan. I met loads of new people and learned lots of new and interesting things.

“My homestay family were honestly the kindest people I’ve ever met and I’m looking forward to keeping in contact with them and hopefully seeing them in the near future!”

Principal at CSIA, Ian Kenworthy, added “Not only did our group have an incredibly enjoyable visit, but the trip was also very fulfilling in terms of personal development and educational attainment, and they represented our school admirably.”

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