A core aim of Camborne Science and International Academy is to promote the Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural lives of our students. The curriculum, both within the timetabled day and through extra provision delivers courses and events which add to the experiences of our young people to achieve this aim. It is our belief that the Church has an important contribution to make to education and development of young people, and to the spiritual care of those working in education. With this in mind, Camborne Science and International Academy has appointed a chaplaincy team who will:

  • Have an informal presence around the school for staff, students and governors, encouraging a spiritual dimension, meeting a spiritual need and taking the opportunity to show that they care.
  • Pray for the academy, and encourage others in the local community to support in prayer
  • Encourage spiritual growth and advise/guide our academy on spiritual matters and the spiritual development of young people and staff.
  • Support delivery of the curriculum and assemblies, including the celebration of religious festivals.

Events and activities which will be co-ordinated by the chaplaincy team include:

  • A prayer diary
  • An academy prayer group with regularly scheduled prayer times
  • The establishment of a wellbeing/prayer room
  • Chaplain presence around the school at the informal times of the day
  • Contributing regularly to the Community Newsletter
  • Chaplain on-call for staff and students
  • Supporting the delivery of assemblies
  • Leadership and service
  • Guiding on spiritual/religious material in the library
  • Contributing to the Religious Education and PSHCE programme

The chaplaincy team will adopt a non-denominational and non-evangelical Christian approach, and be supportive of other world faiths.

Father Anthony

Anthony is a Catholic Priest and Priest in Charge at Most Holy Trinity Church in Newquay.

He has only been in Cornwall for eighteen months and has recently joined the Chaplaincy team at CSIA. Anthony has spent most of his Priesthood working in London Parishes and as a secondary school teacher, teaching RE, History and Politics. As well as Ministry and teaching, Anthony was also a Youth Chaplain for the Westminster Pilgrimages to Lourdes, which is the Holy site in the South of France where Catholics believe the Mary the mother of Jesus appeared. With his experience working in many schools, Anthony believes that a dynamic Chaplaincy team is vital to every school, and in addition to academic and human development, spiritual development is also important. Equally, Anthony believes that staff also need to have someone to share in their journey. Anthony’s view is that a Chaplain can be someone who can lend a friendly ear or be a sounding board, sharing in both joys and more difficult times.

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