A core aim of Camborne Science and International Academy is to promote the Spiritual, Moral, Social and Cultural lives of our students. The curriculum, both within the timetabled day and through extra provision delivers courses and events which add to the experiences of our young people to achieve this aim. It is our belief that the Church has an important contribution to make to education and development of young people, and to the spiritual care of those working in education. With this in mind, Camborne Science and International Academy has appointed a chaplaincy team who will:

  • Have an informal presence around the school for staff, students and governors, encouraging a spiritual dimension, meeting a spiritual need and taking the opportunity to show that they care.
  • Pray for the academy, and encourage others in the local community to support in prayer
  • Encourage spiritual growth and advise/guide our academy on spiritual matters and the spiritual development of young people and staff.
  • Support delivery of the curriculum and assemblies, including the celebration of religious festivals.

Events and activities which will be co-ordinated by the chaplaincy team include:

  • A prayer diary
  • An academy prayer group with regularly scheduled prayer times
  • The establishment of a wellbeing/prayer room
  • Chaplain presence around the school at the informal times of the day
  • Contributing regularly to the Community Newsletter
  • Chaplain on-call for staff and students
  • Supporting the delivery of assemblies
  • Leadership and service
  • Guiding on spiritual/religious material in the library
  • Contributing to the Religious Education and PSHCE programme

The chaplaincy team will adopt a non-denominational and non-evangelical Christian approach, and be supportive of other world faiths.

Barney Hooper, Young People’s Leader

Barney is Young People’s Leader for a group of 5 local churches in and around Camborne. He joined the church leadership team in September 2020 and has a passion to connect with young people in Camborne and Science International Academy and around the Camborne area, helping them to find hope and peace as we find our way out of the pandemic. 

Growing up in Camborne, he knows what the town has to offer. Beating the odds and statistics to turn his life around and now passionately wants to see every young person be given the same opportunity. He want to see this generation of young people supported in their mental health and spiritual well-being, and help them find their place to belong.

Barney has worked with young people across the world, from the West Midlands to Laos to South Africa. Believing that developing real friendships in an age of social media is as important as a school education. This current crisis due to Covid-19, has highlighted like never before how much young people feel the need for community. He hopes he can help young people locally build a better society and give them the space to talk about what matters to them and their dreams for the future.

Reverend Rosheen

Rosheen is a Church of England priest and looks after 5 churches in and around Camborne (Ss Martin and Meriadoc, Camborne; All Saints, Tuckingmill; Holy Trinity, Penponds; St John the Evangelist, Treslothan; and St Crewenna, Crowan). She moved to Cornwall in June 2019 and joined CSIA Chaplaincy Team in the spring term of 2020.

Rosheen previously lived in Kent and was curate at St Andrewís Church Paddock Wood. Whilst there she regularly visited the local secondary school. She ran lunch clubs for both the lower school and the sixth form alongside church youth workers. Before becoming a priest she was a secondary school art teacher and ran a church youth group.

Rosheen has plenty of experience working with young people both as a teacher and as a youth leader. She believes that young peopleís spiritual development is as important as their traditional education. Rosheen enjoys having the opportunity to work alongside young people and feels that it is very important that they get to hear about what Christians believe about God and Jesus, to discuss issues of faith and form their own opinions. Itís also important to enable them to have somewhere to turn in times of need or celebration ó especially in todayís challenging world.

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