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65% of today’s students will be employed in jobs that don’t yet exist.
I am determined to succeed and be the best that I can be.

Camborne Science and International Academy recognises the importance of extraordinary careers and employability provision to ensure our pupils are prepared for the ever-changing world of work.  It is a non-assessed subject that all students study through tutorial; Preparation for Life lessons; PSHE Days and is embedded in their subject areas.

Our careers education programme is underpinned by the development of character and Extraordinary Me, which was born from our motto “Learning to be Extraordinary”.  This is shaped around the The Gatsby Benchmarks below. The Gatsby benchmarks were adopted as part of the Government’s Careers Strategy and statutory guidance for schools.  Evidence from a four year evaluation from the University of Derby published in 2021 found the benchmarks had a positive impact on students’ career readiness and GCSE attainment.

Careers Education policy  including our provider access statement.

Careers Leader : Mrs Susan Gellatly, Assistant Principal for Character Education.
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Our Extraordinary Me programme focuses on developing the well-rounded individual who has the skills and qualities; qualifications and experiences to be that extraordinary candidate for university and the workplace.  Students focus on developing employability and personal skills and qualities, including our core values of Integrity; Ambition; Respect; Resilience and Altruism.  They discuss how they would put those into practice as well as reflecting on where they have developed those both inside and outside of school.  Our students learning journeys are important to us and Extraordinary Me allows for the development of character along that journey.

Extraordinary Me is discussed within tutorials, lessons, assemblies, the House system and our praise points.  Students will be awarded Extraordinary Me Awards in their assemblies from their Directors of Key Stage, so they may use them to build up a record of achievement to share with prospective universities and employers.

Some of the skills and qualities we focus on for Extraordinary Me are:

  • Ambition – I am determined to succeed and be the best that I can be
  • Integrity – I am honest and will do the right thing even when no-one else is looking
  • Resilience– I am positive, optimistic and never give up
  • Altruism– I am kind to others and kind to myself
  • Respect – I am polite, thankful and kind to others.  I listen to and encourage other’s opinions.  I have empathy for every person’s life situation
  • Communication– I am an active listener, and can communicate confidently through the written and spoken word.
  • Decision-making– I can make decisions based on evidence
  • Leadership– I can identify the variety of leadership styles and adapt according to the needs of my team
  • Teamwork– I am part of a team and support others in my team. I am also aware of the team that supports me and who I am.
  • Problem-solving– I can evaluate an issue through considering the positives and negatives before suggesting solutions.
  • Creativity – I am flexible and am open to new challenges.
  • Initiative– I can look for things that need to be done and do them without being asked.
  • Organisation– I know how to work out what I need to do, and how I will do it.

Extraordinary Experiences

Extraordinary experiences help shape the individual and support them in standing out from the rest of the applicants.  Our students have a plethora of experiences to access whilst in school as well as out in the community.  We are very lucky in the diverse range of opportunities young people can access in Cornwall.

Experiences may include:

Extraordinary Qualifications

The qualifications strand of Extraordinary Me is not only constructed of their GCSE and A Level qualifications; but any qualifications they secure such as first aid certificates.  We want each student to celebrate who they are and what they are doing; becoming the candidate that stands head and shoulders above the rest, because they are extraordinary and they deserve the best in their futures.

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