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What is the Momo Challenge?

This frightening social media challenge appears with an unforgettable, horrifying picture of a statue of a bird (that looks like a girl) and allegedly encourages kids to perform increasingly risky and harmful tasks, including hurting themselves. It can pop up in a variety of places but seems to center around Whatsapp, where a user is sent a link to click on.

Users have to download and share videos of the statue, they will not just appear on the usual social media platforms.

It’s not new but resurfaces occasionally. Though some articles mention reports of kids actually harming or killing themselves as a result of the challenge, they are unsubstantiated.

How to respond

See the attached notice on the MOMO challenge,  for advice other examples of social media challenges view this link from common sense media:

Further advice

Of you have any other questions or concerns, please make use of our online safety contact information.

Here at Camborne Science & International Academy, we take the safeguarding and wellbeing of our students very seriously. As E-Safety Co-ordinator, my role is to provide guidance to students on how to use technology responsibly. Our E-Safety and Student AUP policies are continually revised to include up-to-date advice. You can view these on our policies page.

We recognise that there is a constant need to update our own expertise and guidance on e-safety risks. With this in mind, we feel a responsibility to support our wider community.

This page will provide links to the leading E-Safety organisations. These websites offer guidance and provide resources to help you understand and support the issues that face young people.

If you need further information or have concerns for a student’s wellbeing, please feel free to browse the following pages or contact:

Thomas Smith (E-Safety Co-ordinator)
Tel: 01209 720239

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We would like your input

Through this survey, we are looking to identify aspects of e-safety that parents and carers wish to know more about. We can then offer appropriate advice and guidance opportunities. I value the opportunity for us to work together.

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