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22 Nov. 2012 Posted by admin in Event Report

Alex: National Archery Selection

Alex Rowe, year 9, will be representing his archery club at national level on 1 December in Coventry at the British Indoor Archery Championships.  Alex, who is the most experienced junior in his club, scored an incredible 553 out of a possible 600 in order to qualify for the event.

8 Nov. 2012 Posted by admin in Lesson Report

Year 13 Biology

This morning our year 13 Biology students carrying out a kidney dissection. The students have to learn about the structure and function of a kidney for their exam in January.  What better way to do that than by cutting one open?

Luckily the students were not too squeemish; they all managed to successfully dissect the kidney and identify some of the internal structures. This is a very skilfull procedure as the internal structures are small, and one slip of the scalpel could end in disaster.

8 Nov. 2012 Posted by admin in Lesson Report

Year 12 Physics

Our year 12 Physicists have been studying electricity- alternating current and power.

In this lesson they were using an oscilloscope to measure the peak voltage V0 given out from an alternating current (ac) power supply.

They had calculated the direct current (dc) equivalent of this, calculated the root mean square voltage Vrms. The students then used a multimeter to measure the value of Vrms and so check how close their calculated answer was to the value given on the multimeter.

26 Oct. 2012 Posted by admin in Event Report

SSP Aquathalon

On Wednesday 17th October eight students travelled to Redruth School for the SSP Aquathlon.  This involved swimming a specific distance depending on age, and then running 1500m.  All students performed very well in their age groups, with an outstanding performance from Anya P to take first place in the Year 9 girls.  Other medallists include Anna SP (2nd Year 10 girls), Liam J (3rd Year 10 boys) and Jenna S (3rd Year 9 girls).

Full results: