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6 Oct. 2012 Posted by admin in Lesson Report

Always Wear Sunscreen

Our usually very smartly-dressed students donned sun hats and glasses to perform an experiment in Science.  They were testing the effectiveness of various strengths of suncream in blocking ultra-violet light.  They wrote this report themselves:

4 Oct. 2012 Posted by admin in Lesson Report

A Level Chemistry

Here are our Y12 chemistry students analysing an acid solution using a technique called titration. The challenge here is to work out what the mystery acid is and its concentration. Using Sodium Hydroxide of a known concentration and using a Phenol Phthalein (yes that is spelt correctly) indicator, we see the class looking to neutralise the acid solution the true identity of which is only known to Mr Hoyle, their teacher.

30 Sep. 2012 Posted by admin in Event Report

Event News

Our Year 11 First Team Play Pool

Last Thursday our rugby teams at all levels played Pool Academy  There were a mixture of wins and losses but all our pitches were buzzing with activity and sporting endeavour. 

17 Sep. 2012 Posted by admin in Round Up

New Term Well Underway

Mrs Hellerman's Drama Group

We are into week 3 of the new year.  The Year 7 students have settled in really well and are starting to find their way around.  The Academy is gearing up for open evening, which takes place on Tuesday 18 September at 5.45pm - All Year 5 and 6 parents are welcome.

Mrs. Hellerman is in full flow with her new Drama groups, encouraging them to work 'in levels' and you can see a picture of them at the top of this article.