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CSIA stellar students celebrate GCSE Results

6 Sep. 2016 Posted by WillsR

The Principal at Cornwall's top performing state school has praised his students for their 'outstanding' GCSE Results today. With a 99.1% pass rate and 70% attainment for the all-important five or more A*-C grades including English and Mathematics, first-time entry, there were cheers of jubilation at Camborne Science and International Academy. 

"These exemplary results support our status as the county's leading state school." commented CSIA's Principal, Ian Kenworthy. "Another year of incredibly strong results with superb grades in the traditional, more demanding subjects illustrates that our Academy continues to prepare students for the challenges of A-Levels and beyond and is likely to put us at the top for the fourth consecutive year."

Shrieks of joy and happiness could be heard as students opened their envelopes alongside their peers, teachers and family members. Vice Principal, Emma Haase, spoke of her pride in every student and all they have achieved throughout their time at CSIA:

"These results are a testament to the fantastic relationship between students, parents and staff. We're especially proud that CSIA continues to raise standards and nurture the skills and talents of every student at our school."

The Academy sits significantly above the national average and was particularly enjoyed with the very high number of students who achieved more than 5 A*-As. CSIA also celebrated fantastic results in Mathematics, English and Science, reflective of the school's specialist status as a centre of excellence in Science and Mathematics teaching.

"These results represent an enormous amount of hard work, perseverance and dedication and are a well-deserved reward in our effort to continually strive to be extraordinary," commented Mr Kenworthy. "We're delighted that CSIA has sustained its high level of attainment and it's a pleasure to see so many superb individual performances - a tribute to our commitment to exceptional teaching and learning."

Martha R, received 14 GCSEs, including 11 A*s and two As. She said: "I am over the moon! I received 11 A*s, two As and a B. I canít believe it! Thank you to everyone for helping me achieve my dream grades!"

Meghan L-J, who achieved 11 A*-A grades, will now go on to study for A-Levels in Chemistry, Mathematics, Biology and Geography at CSIA. She will also join the prestigious Nexus Gifted Science and Mathematics Programme. She said "I am so thrilled! I received nine A*s, two As, one B and one C! I am so thankful for all my amazing teachers who helped me achieve these grades and for friends and family who supported me in the exam period. Thank you all so much!"

Betty C, received 11 GCSEs, including eight A*s and two As as well as an AS Level in Religion, Philosophy and Ethics. She said, "Today I received eight A*s, three As and a B. I can't believe it. It's exactly what I needed to get into the Gifted STEM Programme at Nexus and to go on to study medicine. I feel that this is a great first step to becoming a doctor."  Betty will now stay on at CSIA VI Form to study A-Levels in Biology, Chemistry, Mathematics and complete her Religion, Philosophy and Ethics, and also join the prestigious Nexus Gifted Science and Mathematics Programme.

"This is certainly one of the most rewarding days in our school calendar, it was absolutely fantastic last week with such outstanding A Level results and the same feeling is repeated again today," said Mrs Haase. "The achievement of every single student at our Academy matters hugely to us and we are very pleased that we have so many remarkable achievements to celebrate."

The Academy looks forward to welcoming the vast majority of itís students back to the VI Form Centre in September and with such excellent GCSE results, expectations are high. 

"Their results reflect our students tremendous dedication and hard work and we must thank the whole team and parents for their total support in helping them achieve such great things," commented Mr Kenworthy. "As they return to study for places at university and in employment, excellence is what our students will continue to strive for."

"Our congratulations to all our students, their teachers and the whole CSIA community who have taught and supported students so effectively. We look forward to welcoming them back to the VI Form and challenge them all to surpass the excellent A Level results achieved by our students last week!"

Notable successes:

- Martha R with results including 11 A* grades and 2 A grades

- Cara T with results including 10 A* grades and 2 A grades

- Emily D with results including 9 A* grades and 3 A grades

- Meghan L-J with results including 9 A* grades and 2 A grades

- Megan B with results including 8 A* grades and 5 A grades

- Betty C with results including 8 A* grades and 2 A grades

- Jodie G-S with results including 7 A* grades

- Jessica V B with results including 6 A* grades and 6 A grades

- Chloe E with results including 6 A* grades and 5 A grades

- Maddie C with results including 5 A* grades and 6 A grades

- Hannah C with results including 5 A* grades and 5 A grades

- Joseph J with results including 4 A* grades and 7 A grades

- Kathryn W with results including 3 A* grades and 10 A grades

- Reece P with results including 2 A* grades and 8 A grades